RE: NANFA--list content restrictions?

Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Mon, 29 Mar 2004 17:41:14 -0800

Bruce wrote:
> I didn't realize
> that NANFA was for professionals or academics only? - intent on forcing
> e-communication to be according to a strict protocol with accompanying
> threats of enforcement.

Irate replied:
>>> At one time, I believed that this was the direction I wanted NANFA to go
You know, better credibility, etc. - but now I realize I was wrong. I
understand that not everyone is interested in my explorations of ethics and
politics, but hey - if we can't talk about things that impact our hobby on
list, then where _is_ it appropriate?<<<

Jan asks:

Who suggested that NANFA was for "professionals or academics only?" Who is
trying to force a "strict protocol"?
Did anyone indicate that ethical/political topics affecting native fishes
(or related issues) could not be discussed?

The concern here is not that some of the list content is off-topic or
controversial. The concern is that some of the list content is completely
irrelevant and reflects poorly on our organization, our members, and
ultimately on the native fish hobby and on native fish science.

Several members have made very substantial efforts over the past few years
to practice and promote the mission of this group (i.e., the appreciation,
the study, and the conservation of native fishes), and to recruit active new
members who will do the same. Those efforts are countermanded by some of
the "banter" that appears on this list. After seeing an issue of "American
Currents," or attending a program by one of our members, or seeing one of
our regional displays, native fish enthusiasts are very likely to visit our
website and subscribe to our list. What do they think when they read some
of these threads ?

Some members have put a fair amount of energy and other resources into
NANFA. They try to represent it as a friendly, motivated, and experienced
group of enthusiasts from widely-varying backgrounds but with a comon
interest in native fishes. To be blunt, our credibility and our membership
suffers when the people to whom we have reached out, tune into a discussion
of "varmint-shooting."

No one would even have to suggest "moderating" the list if we all took time
out to consider how some of these posts reflect on the other members of this
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