Re: NANFA--list content restrictions

Jeffrey Fullerton (
Mon, 29 Mar 2004 23:29:02 -0500

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> Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 20:25:26 -0500
> From: "Bob Bock" <>
> Subject: Re: NANFA--list content restrictions?
> It's a little frustrating for me--after a long day--to sit down to check my e-mail and to
> have to wade through ten or twenty posts that don't have much to do with fish. It's even
> worse if I can't get to my e-mail for two or three days to have to slog through 300 or 400
> messages, and for only about 10 or 20 of them to have any real fish information. The process
> has been so time consuming that I've considered dropping off the list.

To Bob & Others

One thing that would make dealing with the list alot easier- esp for those of us who recieve
the digest version:
If everyone would have the courtesy to trim their messages when replying back to the list. The
reason I unsubscribed from the list and subscribed to the digest version was so would have one
or two emails a day as opposed to tons of stuff to read through. Because many people just hit
the reply and respond back without being more selective of what they leave in the message when
I scan thru the NANFA digest I often read the same posts over and over again. Which makes going
for the Digest over the regular list a somewhat dubious tradeoff.

I think if everyone would trim their replies- it would make reading the mail alot easier
regardless which version of the list you are on.

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