Re: NANFA-- Minnesota Natives for a 75

John B (
Mon, 29 Mar 2004 23:04:05 -0600

I have small (2-3") weed shiners (Notropis texanus) and several fundulus
species with Orangespots with no problem. If you go with any shiners
make sure they are smallish because the feeding frenzy has a tendancy to
intimidate the Orangespots a little.

John B

AZ Burns wrote:

> <<The only suggestion I can make is that the river stones, wood and
> such have a
> sand layer beneath them. A sand bottom is very healthy for all fish
> especially natives. How big are the fish you intend to keep? North
> America holds
> fish of nearly any size and sunfish are a beautiful replacement for
> cichlids. But
> there are other thoughts on this matter. Your tank and filtration will
> serve you
> well with many native fish.>>
> I have sand in there now, so that will work well. I was thinking more
> small fish rather than less large fish. If I can find a good spot to
> find Orangespot sunfish they might be ideal.
> Any idea how many orangespots I could put in a 75 with a lot of cover?
> And could I keep anything else with them or would they do best in a
> single species tank?
> Thanks,
> Aernie
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