Re: NANFA--list content restrictions?

Steffen Hellner (
Tue, 30 Mar 2004 10:03:32 +0200

To all NANFAns.

I have carefully read this thread and thought about its content and meaning
and found it worth to state my personal and final sight of it.

Professional or not? Obsolet to me. One either has interest in NANF or not.
On what level with what education or experience must not be the point.
Otherwise this list would be merely an aquaristic club in the province.

Topics off topic. I understand and realize that many people just want to
write and read upon the center of our mutual interest, fish and their
biology. No politics. OK, I4ll follow that. And if (when!) politics have
lead to keep us all of the fish, maybe then we can start debating again.
Close your eyes and dream. Those fish don4t need food.

Personal attacks. I 100% don4t like that, it is only acceptable face to
face. And I am sure I didn4t offend anybody. But I wonder why nobody names
the person that is aggressing on this list from a putative supreme position?
Know that from Germany and don4t like it better from anywhere else. I have
received mails from some people who have left NANFA because they had been
insulted personally by a certain person. Maybe it would be worth posting a
bit on obeydiance and the difference between respect and fear.

One thing I miss much is experience in breeding NANFs. Only very few people
seem to care for that and work on it. Many of them I already knew before
encountering the NANFA mailing list. Most NANFA-members seem to just jump
into a pond or creek every now and then to get substitutes for the ones they
killed from last year. Great progress. Of course such people are not
interested in politics and breeding. If one day it will no longer be
possible to have most of the natives, they probably will start collecting
fish-stamps or go to public aquariums or do anything else. This is about
committment, ladies and gentlemen, nothing more and nothing less. A friend
from CA once said, I am too intense. He4s right. But I prefer to be too
intense rather than running on half the steam.

Furthermore I like to encourage everybody to mail with me upon the topics
which are obviously not wanted on NANFA. And on fish of course. Then the
poor wining people who have so many mails to take which they don4t need
don4t have to take mine at least. Well then, and mine on fish not as well.
My darters are just about to start breeding. And I have a pond full of SRBD
and will this year have many more to establish them over here. Where are
your offspring, I ask all the non-political enthusiasts?

Cheerio, had a great time. Take care everybody.

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