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R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 08:54:57 -0600

I wasn't referring to this part as the part that could affect the aquarium
hobby. I thought this a good illustraion of how blanket laws to stop
something that is causing trouble like big head carp could be used against
say catching orange throat darters in Missouri driving them out of state, or
having someone there catch them and ship them to your state. Of course it
doesn't sound like it would be trouble for someone who lived in MO to
collect some orange throats and bring them home.

The orginal sent to me was from a list called Yellowperch or something like
that. I guess it deals with fish farmers who raise perch, and this law could
affect them. The way I read it, it could stop the interstate transport or
import of any tropical fish as well due to the wording. Sure it is not the
intent, but who is to stop that from happening once it is passed?

This is what I talked about when the snakehead ban came out. It was meant to
stop the big cold tolerant species from being introduced to the wild. It
also stopped the commerce of the small tropical species that are unlikely to
survive anywhere , except possibly Florida. Yet this didn't stop a snakehead
from turning up in the Rock River near Janesville Wisconsin. These blanket
laws seem to do less to stop the problem, and more to make politicians and
others with the power to get laws on to the books look good. Hey, they are
trying. There is also a small group of noisy people who would love to see
the aquarium hobby fold, and they would be all to willing to help something
like this get passed as a means to that end.

> So, the people below want to be able to keep bighead carp, etc.?

So to answer your question, I don't know for sure what this has to do with
keeping big head carp, but I do see that it could affect our hobby with dire

Ray W.
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