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Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 18:36:34 -0600

>>>Limiting the sale of perch for stocking farm ponds over state
lines, the transfer of darters you caught at the convention this summer back
home, the shipping of tetras from a Florida wholesaler to a pet shop in
another part of the country....The point of me forwarding this is that the
legislation in the works is
going to try to stop the spread of big head, and silver carp, in U.S.
waters. The wording though is vague, and could easily be used for all sorts
of bans and additional interpretted regulation. The post asked people
reading to contact their congress people and let them know they want the
wording looked at and to be very precise. So that it only pretains to these
large carps that are causing or will be causing trouble. Not to be a loosely
worded law that could be used to stop all interstate travel and commerce of

I have not read the original language of the law, but my understanding was
that it pertained to "injurious" species - those that would appear on a
state's "dirty list" of organisms believed to pose significant environmental
threat to local ecosystems. Threat I would assume is based on a
combination of potential harm and liklihood of establishment. I do not
believe that darters and most tetras would appear on such a list (in most
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