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> Depends on what you build it out of. 125's run about $300 (last time I
> checked). If you want to build one out of glass, then forget it. Plywood
> would
> be a bit cheaper but not by much (or at all if you don't have a salvaged
> piece
> of glass to use for the front. Other alternatives are concrete and
> fiberglass -
> not economical for a tank this small.
> At this size, I say buy one. If you want a really big tank, then build it.
Even though I build tanks and sometimes sell them I have to agree, I would be
hard pressed to build a 125 (tank only) for less than $300 and make any money
on it. I can make them with glass corners instead of a plywood box with a
glass front but the main advantage of the ones I make is that I can make them
with custom overflow fittings, plumbing and such. I have also found a way to use
1/4 inch glass instead of the 3/8 to 1/2 many people use but it results in a
tank with only 18" of exposed glass at most. A tank much deeper than 18" become
impractical anyway unless you want to put your arm, shoulder and head under
water every time you reach for the bottom. My 125 I use has 16" of exposed
glass with 2.5" of plywood at the top and bottom which makes it 21" deep. With 3
inches of sand I still get my shoulder wet when I reach for the back bottom
with is 24" wide I wouldn't make a tank with a total depth of more than 24" for
hobby use. It's just too deep to reach into. My next tank I have drawn up plans
for will be 96" long 36" wide and 24" deep but the span of unsupported glass
will only be 16" with 3" of support at the top and 5" of support at the bottom
to hide the sand level. It should hold 360 gallons not including the sump.
it's going to be my sturgeon tank.


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