Re: NANFA-- Aquatic earthworms
Mon, 1 May 2000 13:44:02 EDT

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<< The first is a
smallish - 2" long or so worm that looks much like a regular earthworm only
little 'tanner' colored and then the 3-4" type found in the mud of
swift streams with anacharis. I find them in the roots of the anacharis as
uproot it and they have kind of a florescent blue color under sunlight.
appear to eat the first kind of worm rather readily while they are a little
cool on the longer worms. >>

Interesting; I wonder how they would do in an aquarium with appropriately
sized fish as a sort of supplementary scavenger to process organic detritus
from the substrate. It doesn't seem like they would do very well in a tank
containing gravel; it seems like it would be too rough for them and they
would be scratched up, but they seem like they would do all right in a
sandy-bottomed tank. As long as the fish or other inverts like crayfish or
crabs wern't big enough to eat them or were incapable of injuring them I
think that they could do all right.

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