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*American Aquarium Fishes* by NANFA member Bob Goldstein with Rick Edwards and
Rod Harper is available both retail (direct mail) and through dealers and
wholesalers who receive a discount. Businesses can set up an account and
individuals can order the book (and pay by credit card) by calling 800-826-8911.

*American Aquarium Fishes* (Texas A&M University Press) is a large format, 8
1/2 x 11 book, 466 pages, with 118 color photographs and 237 black and white
photographs, and 24 line drawings. The photos were taken primarily by NANFA
members Bill Roston, Dick Bryant, Fritz Rohde, Garold Sneegas and Bob Goldstein,
and line drawings of plants prepared by Rick Edwards.

The book describes the distribution, collection, care, and breeding of hundreds
of fishes from the United States and Canada, ranging from darters, minnows,
sculpins, and suckers, to sunfish, pygmy sunfish, madtoms, sticklebacks,
killifishes, pirate perches, cavefishes, and other families. Notes on federal
and state protected species and state regulations are included. Chapters on
climate, waters, and geography of North America assist foreign aquarists in
understanding the distribution of American fishes. Emphasis is on breeding
techniques used by fishery professionals and aquarists. A huge bibliography
provides a guide to the literature on habits and breeding of North American
fishes. The book will finally fully integrate North American fishes into the
international aquarium hobby.

For more information contact the author at this email address or order directly
from Texas A&M Uniiversity Press.
Commercial discounts are competitive with other aquarium publishers.

Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D.

Robert J. Goldstein & Associates, Inc.
Environmental Consultants
Durant Office and Industrial Park
8480 Garvey Drive
Raleigh, North Carolina 27616-3175
Tel (919) 872-1174 Fax (919) 872-9214

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