NANFA-- 3-spine stickleback breeding

Bonnie Ullmann (
Mon, 8 May 2000 08:03:19 -0700

Hello, folks,
I'm back after long absence, whew.
Does anyone who has had success breeding 3-spine sticklebacks have any
thoughts on how many fish should be in a 30 gallon tank? Does overcrowding
discourage initiation of breeding? Also, has anyone suspected that the use
of a powerhead that sets up a strong current discourages breeding? We have
our fish at 20C and on a 14 hour daylight cycle. We gradually brought the
temp up and increased the daylight hours in small increments. We have a
gravel substrate (about 5 mm diameter pebbles) and some Java fern in the
tanks as well as some 2" PVC hiding places. We monitor the water quality
for ammonia levels daily. The fish have been on summer time for a couple of
months now and we haven't seen any changes in behavior or coloring. We have
been losing a fish every day or so in the tanks, with no overt signs of
wounds from aggression. We have just started feeding a variety of new live
foods. Previously, we fed tubifex worms. We are now feeding brine shrimp
enriched in omega fatty acids, plankton and shrimp.
Any suggestions would be appreciated as always. Thanks for all your expertise!

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