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Frauley/Elson (
Wed, 17 May 2000 06:31:09 -0400

Martin's suggestions are good, but I have a UG filtered 33 gallon, with
my best plant growth (it's a jungle), and remarkably stable conditions.
With a little gravel cleaning with a python every 2 months, I've been
running the thing since 1993. I honestly have never lost a fish from the
tank, unless that fish was at least two years old. I like UGFs.
D. Martin Moore wrote:
> Quoth Wade Hedgren regarding NANFA-- Local Park Aquarium:
> >
> > Right now they have a UGF with 2 powerheads as the only filtration.
> > So... I would like to open up the debate again... "to UGF or to not
> > UGF".
> Sh*t-can the UGF. I abandoned these years back because you
> cannot use enriched substrata (conducive to plant growth) with a
> UGF. Also, fry tend to get sucked under the plates. And they're
> just plain ugly. For small tanks I use Penguin filters with biowheels.
> For large tanks (55gal +) go with fluidized bed.
> Prost,
> Martin
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