Re: NANFA-- races/variants...NOT!

Dave Neely (
Thu, 18 May 2000 13:09:45 CDT


>..Are there really different variants of sailfin and
>broadstripe shiners that is more colorful than others?

Yes. R.D. Sutkuss, at Tulane University, recently (last month?) published a
description of a "new" Pteronotropis from the Choctawhatchee R dr in AL. In
his unpublished PhD (1950s)dissertation, he recognized at least eight
"races" in hypselopterus. He is supposedly going back through the group and
officially recognizing all of them (Nooooo, not more names for us to
remember ;)

I got some specimens from the Suwannee R dr (FL) last summer- I can vouch
for their brilliance, and they aren't the same fish that we see in southern

>Also, are there any variation on the amount of the red on SRBDs? I

Man, you really know how to pick 'em. Yes. There's a lot, and it's REALLY
suggestive of many (not so) cryptic taxa. Crowley's Ridge pops (AR), the MS
populations, Walden's Ridge ("laurel dace"), and numerous others have
trenchant differences in meristics, shape, and breeding coloration.

Sorry if it seems like I'm preaching here, but soooo many people think we've
got the NA fauna wrapped up, and all the really interesting stuff is
elsewhere. They couldn't be any more wrong.

btw, thanks for the info on asiatic cyprinids.


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