NANFA-- Collecting
Sat, 20 May 2000 21:12:12 EDT

I went collecting today, The Lake was beautiful, Bottles, cans, Styrofoam. I
took back a bucket full of junk. Despite this there is a beauty about the
lake, in certain places heavy moss grows down to the water with ferns among
the cypress tree knees that punch out of the mossy ground. Lone cypress out
in the lake make their own little ecosystem with small trees of various types
growing on the sprawling roots at the base of the tree. Spanish moss hangs in
huge gray curtains and the bright green cypress foliage juts out to catch the
sun. Further out into the lake the cypress take over in an impenetrable
forest of interconnecting trunks with smaller trees and shrubs growing from
the semi dry land made by the intertwined trees. Small alligators make their
home among the trees in this not quite land or water jungle. Great cranes fly
into the shadowy interior where no man has been for decades. And along the
shore among the bottles and cans long ear sunfish have managed to fan out
nests. The males resplendent colors defying the defilement of man and the
inroad of algae rafts growing with the help of the run off from the golf
courses and trophy lawns lining the lake. Magnificent pines and live oaks
line the shore with the occasional palm tree adding to the tropical feel.
Joggers running along the paved trail ignore the bottles and paper along the
way, enjoying the humid uniquely scented air blowing in from the lake. The
road with a high concrete curb continue to catch a large percentage of the
turtle young of the year. Trapping them inside the unclimbable cliff that
lines the hot pavement. How much longer will even a long distant view reveal
the beauty of the lake?


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