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Thanks Ed!

By the way, I'll hold off shipment of the Heterandria till next week. And
you can remit payment for fish and postage after you've received the box.

I was collecting H. formosa in my favorite location last week, and was
warned away by evidently a female alligator who had established a nest in
the area. After two LOUD SPLOOSHES, I got the message and quickly vacated
the premises of Madam Cocodrie! (French-Cajun) for Alligator!

My return address will be on a pre-addressed label that you'll find in my
returnable styrofoam box.

Thanks for your help, Ed!

BG >>
Hi BG,
Those female gators can be pretty mean at this time of year. Definitely
nothing to be careless around.
If you could ship to arrive next week on Tues or Wed that would be great.
This way we wouldn't have to worry about any fish being lost over the weekend
etc. If either of those days don't work for you let me know so I can make
sure to have the other days covered.
The tertrachloroetylene will work instead of acrylic glue to bond the plexi
to the acrylic. Just make sure to use it in a well ventilated location as it
can cause nerve damage as well as being a potential carcinogen. It will also
bond very quickly. There is little play time with that stuff. I would lay the
sheet on top of the acrylic and squirt the tetrachloroethylene into the gap
and push down on the plate to spread it through the area to get the bond and
then clamp it. The two plates should seal as one. gotta run

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