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patrick vinas (
27 May 2000 15:09:11 -0700

On Thu, 25 May 2000, "Steven A. Ellis" wrote:

> You bet. I'm just below you at the Bell's Ferry exit, so we'll go when
> you're ready.
> Steven

Hi Steve and list

I don't have much equipment yet beside some minnows traps and a 6 foot cast net.Do you have a seine,i really would like to learn how to use one.
I also have snorkeling stuff somewhere in the closet.That's fun too.
I am currently getting my first house built with a huge basement for you know what.i can't wait.Right now i can't bring much home unfortunately but this will change in late summer.
Currently have only one small 10 gallon native tank with a Green Sunfish in it.I also have a 55 GA Malawis and a 20GA with a Koi and a Weather loach in it.
When i was in Connecticut i had up to 8 tanks including a 125 GA one.
I have kept Mummichogs,Banded killies,White and yellow perch,Black crappie,Rock Bass,Chain Pickerels,Bluegills,Longear sunfish,Redbreast sunfish,Brown and yellow bullheads,1 madtom,Creek chubs,Fallfish,White Catfish,white Suckers,Carps and others that i forgot (Sorry but i don't know all the scientific names and am too lazy to check my 67895 reference books ;-).
Now when i am set up in my new basement my main focus will go to all species of Suckers,Gars,Pickerels,Bowfin and the hated Carp.But i love anything that swims.

Best regards to the list


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