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There are many interesting species to be found in the northeast
quadrant of the country. I suggest you start by going to your
local bookstore and getting a copy of "Freshwater Fishes" by
Lawrence M. Page and Brooks M. Burr, part of the Peterson
Field Guides series.

It contains a wealth of information about North American and
Mexican fishes, including excellent color photos of most plus
maps keyed to each species so you can readily determine what
types are in your vicinity.

Another excellent book is "North American Native Fishes for the
Home Aquarium", by David M. Schleser. This one includes just
about everything you're going to need to get well established in
this extremely pleasant hobby. The Chapter headings are as

1. Introduction
2. Fish Taxonomy and Anatomy
3. Status of Our Native Fishes
4. The Native Fish Aquarium
5. Aquarium Maintenance
6. Stocking Your Aquarium
7. Nutrition for Your Native Fishes
8. Health of Your Native Fishes
9. Native Fish Species for the Home Aquarium:
Their Care and Reproduction

Chapter 6 contains adequate information on "How," and Chapter 9
(plus a copy of Page & Burr) will tell you much more than you'll
need concerning "What?"

If you have any trouble finding the books I mentioned, go to
<> where both are listed. I just checked.
lists Page & Burr _at_ $14.40 (list $18.00), while the Schleser
book is listed _at_ $10.86 (list $12.95).

I wish you good luck, good collecting, and good fish keeping.

Bob Sinclair
Santa Barbara CA

* * * wrote:

> Hu guys,
> I am just begining to get into native fish.What I was wondering
> is if anyone
> could help me out to acquire native fish ,also which species is the easiest
> to get
> started with.All information regarding this subject would be greatly
> appreciated
> Thank you,
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