NANFA-- Re:Daphnia
Wed, 2 May 2001 00:30:43 EDT

I stopped on my way home from work to collect some daphnia from a small
seepage pond that takes the water runoff from our National Guard Armory
parking lot/streets. The pond is about 100 feet long by 20 feet wide by 4 or
5 feet deep. I've been stopping there weekly for about a month now and
usually catch about a half cup of daphnia in about 5 minutes. I stand in one
place at the shore and do figure eights with my finemesh dipnet. In the past
3 weeks, I've caught mostly pinhead sized daphnia that were a pinkish or
nearly clear with a slight hint of green. Well, tonight I probably got over
a cup-full with at least 1/3 of all the daphnia being large adults and all
were a vivid green like the color of fresh-mowed lawn only with a smidgen of
yellow blended in. They looked like pieces and particles of algae, but it
was 100% deep green-colored daphnia! If the numbers extrapolate for the
entire pool, I'll bet there are billions of daphnia in that small pond. And
I checked another, shallower pond a hundred yards away and came away with
zero daphnia; go figure.
Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho

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