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B.G. Granier (
Fri, 4 May 2001 14:47:54 -0500


> Man, that's great! I really appreciate that!
> How do you now stand on the ratio of male/female hubbsi? I dipped out
> approximately 20 or so weed shiners from my batch of what I thought to be
> all hubbsi...........they are light greenish in color and have that black
> anal fin stripe, so they weren't hard to pick out once I had the hubbsi
> acclimated to my 55 gallon under the Patio.
> I completely drained that tank and placed a full Winn-Dixie bag of plain,
> untreated "kitty-litter" then covered the kitty-litter up with a layer of
> fairly coarse gravel yesterday. I then gently re-filled the tank while the
> shiners spent last night still in the "pretty-fish" cooler.
> This morning I got up and fed the fish that neede live baby brine shrimp,
> and reported for Jury Duty downtown for 9AM......As soon as I approached
> check-in, assembly room area there was a sign saying that I should go up
> the 10th floor and check in with the clerk's office. When I signed in at
> window, the nice lady said that I wouldn't be needed for next week and
> me a 2 years exemption from further service and asked for my round-trip
> mileage and gave me a check for $15.84........Hey, I can live with
> that!!!!!!!!
> After I returned home from downtown, I proceeded to weed out the Weed
> shiners, no pun intended, and then proceeded to place some live plants
> the hubbsi tank. I also positioned a couple pieces of sunken driftwood to
> hopefully assimilate the base of the cypress tree roots where they spawn.
> The hubbsi seem to be really interested in checking out the potential
> spawning site as of now! Maybe on the evening of the full moon, May 7th or
> the morning after, there could be some freshly spawned hubbsi eggs
> present.......(fingers crossed!).
> I'll keep you posted!
> BG
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> > Picked up a trap for you today. I'll get it to you soon.
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> > Prost,
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