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George Arndt (
Fri, 04 May 2001 17:53:25 -0400

well after the long freeze we now have a week of 90 F. too hot for me.
anyway my rosy reds spawned twice this week. once a few days ago the
temperature in the 100 gallon was 72 F, and today with the temp about 75 F.

i used 4 inch diam PVC pipe cut about 4 inches long and then slced. the
fish love to go inside and lay the eggs on the inside top of the smooth pvc
pipe. i have them on a string so i can see the eggs in the tank and then
can pull them out and i put the eggs into a 125 gallon.

so i will need some daphnia to feed the fry if they hatch and i got some
finally today. when out looking and not finding the daphnia. i remembered
they like to stay in the duckweed. so i took 2 scoops of duckweed and put
it into a 5 gallon bucket of water and then sifted out the duckweed and
there were some daphina. so i put the daphnia in green water to hopefully
reproduce for the fry. they seem to like the green water.

it is interesting but i could pull out the eggs with the string and put the
eggs under a magnifying glass or microscope and probably observe the
developing eggs. just passing this on in case someone wants to try it.

also i messed up a bit. in the 90 temp i set up 2 of my small pond liners
and i put small tears in them. i repaired one and the other i will do
tomorrow moring when it is cooler. i learned not to play with the liner
when hot and soft. the black liner gets real hot and soft in the hot sun.
my mistake.

the pickerel pond went to 80 F today and still no sign of a spawning. maybe
i do not have a pair. if anyone catches any red fin pickerel and want to
donate them to my effort to breed them. they are welcome at any time.

the NEW ENGLAND NANFA has had ZERO collecting trips this year. Come on guys
lets get together and go collecting NOW. I am personally dieing to go
collecting. I have had no luck on my own. i have too much to learn.

George arndt
harvard, mass

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