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Thu, 10 May 2001 16:07:04 -0400

>1) does anyone have any experience breeding stonerollers in captivity,

Bruce, so far the only reported way to get stoneroller to spawn in the aquarium
is to collect them just before they get into the act. Writing the the Spring
1993 American Currents, Jon Wojtowicz reported collecting 15 cm (6 in)
tuberculate male central stoneroller from Ohio's Big Darby Creek in January. He
placed two pairs in a 15- gallon "long" aquarium in an unheated garage. Water
temperature was 6C (4F). A three-inch layer of 3/8" gravel covered an
undergravel filter. One morning Wojtowicz noticed that a pit, measuring 3" x 9"
and deep enough to expose the filter plate, had been dug on one side of the
aquarium. The next morning the pit had been moved, and one of the males was busy
digging and defending it. Wojtowicz watched for an hour and his patience paid
off. The two females approached the pit and individually spawned with the male
several times. Unfortunately, Wojtowicz had to leave for work and was unable to
separate the fish. By the time he got home, the other fish in the tank--longnose
dace (Rhinichthys cataractae) and a small stonecat (Noturus flavus)--had eaten
the eggs. The fish never spawned again, although the male kept filling in and
redigging his pit for about a week. All spawning activity came to an abrupt halt
when a severe cold snap froze the water and killed the fish.

>2) does anyone know of any published literature on larval/juvenile growth in
>_Campostoma_ species?

Buynak, G. L. and H. W. Mohr, Jr. 1980. Larval development of stoneroller,
cutlips minnow, and river chub with diagnostic keys, including four additional
cyprinids. Prog. Fish-Culturist 42(3): 127-135.

Bruce, this is one of the papers we received when Robert J. Goldstein donated
his native fish reference library to NANFA. If you can't locate a copy, I'll
send one down.

Chris Scharpf

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