NANFA-- Great homemade dip net plans
Fri, 11 May 2001 17:52:01 EDT

I ended up ordering some free biological supply catalogs via the
internet. They haven't come yet, so I thought I would do some experimenting.
As I started playing around with ideas I had, I made one dip net that worked
great. In my garage I found an old fishing net, the aluminum kind with the
diamond aluminum handle, made by frabill or something like that. The hoop is
almost unbendable, unless you try hard. The net handle is about 20-24" long,
and the hoop is probably about 12"X16", perfect! Of course the handle isn't
long enough, so I took off the plastic cap off the end off the handle, and
the net was hollow of course. So, then I found a good sturdy long broom
handle and inserted it inside the aluminum net handle. It fits quite snuggly,
but you could put a couple screws through it for extra insurance. I took off
the netting, and will sew some better stuff on later. The last modification I
did to it was bend the hoop slightly to make it wider, to work well in
shallow riffles as well. Presto! A great strurdy long dip net. The best thing
about it is that you can customize it as you wish, a bigger net hoop, longer
or shorter handle, make it collapsable by making a removable handle, ect. I
probably shouldn't take credit for this, because I'm sure other people have
done the same thing, but it sure works great. The way I look at it, if you
don't have to spend any money, its worth it for the experience even if it
doesn't work very good. Happy collecting! ___Dan
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enough of that
in the school newspaper!)

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