Re: NANFA-- kitty litter

Gupp (
Tue, 15 May 2001 07:30:04 -0600

Personally I wouldn't bother with any clay. I tried laterite, didn't see
any difference, I've tried using potting soil, under gravel. It's a
mess. This stuff is just as likely to end up as a stinky mess that will
kill everything as a great planted tank. I use plain old aquarium
gravel. The only fertilizer I use is fish poop. It's all very easy, and
inexpensive. I have great plant growth. Some of the other worries about
using sand, clay, etc. First gravel is nice because, the poop and mulm
sifts into it and fills between the gravel, it's just like mulch in
gardens. With sands and other stuff there isn't any place for it to go
so it sits on the top of the substrate, unless you siphon the bottom
lot's. And when using that other stuff you have to be careful with the
siphon, don't want to suck out your clay, and when you refill your tanks
you have to be really careful so it doesn't end up as a big cloud in
your tank. Anyway, I wouldn't bother with any of that stuff, just seems
to make the job harder without that much benefit.



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