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George Arndt (
Wed, 16 May 2001 18:27:21 -0400

well i can not believe it. but today it was rainy just a bit and so i could
not get much house painting done and we went over to my house and the guys
helped me get the 20 ft by 50 ft liner into the hole the backhoe dug last
fall. well it seems to fit the hole just about right.

i purchased a roofing 60 mil epdm liner. cost was $400. well it is full of
talc powder and so it needs to be washed off. i should have washed it when
we had it streatched out on the grass but we did not think of it. now it is
in the hole and will be more trouble to wash it. on the grass the wash
water could have been washed right off the rubber liner. but now it will
make a puddle of water in the bottom of the pond that i will need to pump
out. well this is to explain it.

however, i am thrilled by the progress. soon i will have a real nice pond
along with the 4 small ones. i will keep everyone informed.

all i can say is that it was easier to get the liner into the pond hole than
i thought. the roofing distributor said the liner weighs about 500 pounds.
well once it is unrolled. it is easy to pick up an end and drag it over the
other part of the liner. well 2 guys each pulling a corner.

i think someone on nanfa said that the talc powder gets into the fish gills
and the fish die. so the talc needs to be washed off. and dont worry i
will be slow on this. i plan on putting some $.08 ( thats it 8 cents )
feeder goldfish into this first.

George Arndt
Harvard, MAssachusetts
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