Re: NANFA-- Ameca splendens update

Scott Davis (
Sat, 19 May 2001 10:28:59 -0500

By the bye,

You mentioned putting a couple of the goodieds together in the same tank. I
don't know which is more closely related, but they do have a strong enough
tendency to cross. The livebearer people would recommend never mixing

They can certainly share space with other fishes of similar sizes and
temperaments well. I once had Ilyodon drop their over 1/2" fry in a tank of
3" plus rainbowfishes. The fry were so big the rainbows left them alone.
Both those particular goodieds and rainbows appreciate a current and
frequent water changes and lower 70s summer temperatures. (Both those groups
of fishes reputedly will go sterile if kept long above 80 F.)

They are good for the backyard "spring-summer-fall" pond or barrel if it is
sheltered. Shade or some deep water may be the order of the day. Coming as
they do from the altitude of the central Mexican plateau, 60 degrees F at
night is not a problem. 80 degrees in the day can be.

Their temperature ranges are indeed of the sort which most North American
native fish people are familiar with.

All the best!


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