RE: NANFA-- Cold fish

Al G Eaton (
Wed, 23 May 2001 11:31:28 -0700 (PDT)

--- Geoff Kimber <> wrote:
> I have always thought about (but never attempted) a
> DIY hack with a small refrigerator.
> I have thought that you could cut 2 holes in the
> refrigerator door (so you miss the coils) and run
> tubing from your tank, through the fridge in 1 hole

A friend of mine in columbus used an old water cooler
unit, like you see in public buildings, and at first
he had a large number of mysterious deaths in his tank
as if the fish were being poisoned. The resourceful
guy that he is, he knew someone who could make him a
titanium coil which he immersed in his tank and under
the gravel. Now the water from the cooler circulates
in a closed system through his tank ...really a cool
concept. No more fish deaths and nice chilled water.
The darters stay in color. The titanium coils were
pretty expensive as I recall, somewhere around $100,
but the water cooler was free.

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