George Arndt (
Thu, 24 May 2001 18:45:23 -0400

well my koi eggs seem to have hatched some. they were spawned on sunday may
13 and the water outside has been low of 50 F and mostly highs in low 60 F.
but at least 5 of the 12 days to hatch were about 51 on the morning low.
they spawned in a 12 ft diameter pool. and i have not seen many eggs. but
most eggs i did see last week looked fungused and totally gone. there was
only one egg i did monitor. it hatched today. and i did find upon good
search at least 2 fry swimming around looking ok.

for all i know there might be just a few fry or maybe over a hundred. I will
have to wait.

the rosy red eggs did hatch yesterday. indoors in a 125 gallon tank. my
guess is about 40 % of the starting number of eggs might have hatched. but
i still have NOT found a single fry in the tank. but maybe they are larva
for awhile. i dont know. the water there is cool also. they took about 12
days also and the temp is about 60F.

On sunday may 13, the weather turned from nice and hot to cold again. it
has stayed cold every day since sunday spawning. in fact that sunday was
cold but the previous day was hot and the fish started spawning immediately
in the early morning. so they must have thought the water would warm up
which it never has. hehe.

i really thought all the koi eggs would die from the cold. but they are
more hardy then i thought. they are hatching. at least some are. of
course i have no idea how many eggs were in the pond. after the spawning i
could only find a few eggs.

george arndt
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