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At 12:20 AM -0400 5/26/01, wrote:
> After reading the red flint gravel posts, I emailed the company, and
>found that it would take $175 to send me 900 pounds of the 2-3mm sand. they
>have a $50 minimum order fee, and that gravel is around $50, and the rest is
>shipping. Is that worth it? I'd rather buy gravel somewhere else, what do you
>all think? __Dan


Where do you live? I'm in Columbus Ohio. I order the gravel in 3000 lb
loads for our business. I can order the size you want next time I order.
I should point out that I just got some sample packs from the Red Flint
place, and their sizing does not match what you would expect 2-3mm "sand"
to look like. The stuff they have labeled as 2.00-3.00 mm looks more like
about 5-10 mm, which is the size I am selling as 1/8 - 1/4 inch medium
gravel. Maybe whoever made up these samples was confused. The size that
looks like 2-3 mm to me, they have labelled as 1.20-1.60 and that's the
same as what I'm selling as 1/16 - 1/8 inch, fine gravel. If you're
looking for a fine sand, you will need to go down from there judging by
these samples.

If people want some of this gravel, you can order it now and I can bring it
to the NANFA convention in Hocking Hills, Ohio August 24th through 26th!

Red flint, 5 pound bag, $3.00
Red flint, 25 pound bag, $9.00
Red flint, 50 pound bag, $14.00
Red flint, 100 pound bag, $22.00

Various grades are available.

Columbus Ohio USA <))><

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