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<< What was the grain size? All the natural gravel I've ever seen was in the
3/8-1/2 inch size (pea gravel); not exactly the ideal. >>

Thats all I have seen, too. I have tried lots of building supply places,
and it seems none of them have any use for carrying any smaller size gravel
in stock. I would love to find smaller. So far the best I've seen was from
lowes, it was perfect size, but was ugly(dirty tan), and had sharp edges. It
is sold as a base for decks, patios, rocks..ect. I used it in one tank, but I
don't really like the look of it, even though it is sort of a natural color.
I would like to find something darker, and of a more varied color.
Something I have been thinking about a lot is possibly crushing the nice
"pea gravel" to a smaller size. It might take a lot of elbow grease, but I'm
sure there are ways to crush it all at the same time. I was thinking you
could put a tough sheet of metal or something hard over a lot of gravel, and
use a sledge hammer to crush it all at the same time. Thats not real
practical, but its an idea. If this list brainstormed a bit on how to crush
larger quantities, it could happen. But, I would much rather find a place
that sells the ideal stuff, does anyone know of any? Thanks!
____Dan McConnell
Marshall, MI

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