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Bruce Stallsmith (
Tue, 29 May 2001 09:45:13 -0400


>There were 2 ponds right behind the beach among the dunes and i threw the
>cast net in the thick vegetation to see what i could come up with. I caught
>several colorfull Sheepshead Minnows (cyprinodon Variegatus) and kept 3
>which are happily swimming (or look it anyway) in a brackish set up in my
>home. I also caught an unidentified Killifish which was very dark (A very
>dark green) all over with a black spot on the dorsal fin.Bruce can you help
>I.D. it?
>There can't be too many killifish with a black spot on the dorsal that like
>some salt in their water in that range?
>I don't think it was a rainwater but it could still be and definitely
>a Mummichog or Stripped killi which i know well.
>I didn't keep it and let it go.
Patrick, you're on a roll! My guess for your unknown spotfin killifish is
Fundulus confluentus, the marsh killifish. Also, might your unknown
livebearers have been sailfin mollies? Small ones might look like stumpy
Gambusia at first glance.
Yeah, a Savannah trip could be a gas.

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL

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