Re: NANFA-- Florida trip

Tue, 29 May 2001 21:19:31 -0400


> Patrick, you're on a roll! My guess for your unknown spotfin killifish is
> Fundulus confluentus, the marsh killifish.

I have it listed only in the Audubon field guide and they don't show a
picture.That related species the "Bayou killifish" on plate 206 definitely
looks like it so there is a big chance your I.D. would be accurate.
I will go back down there soon or later and will ship you one next time.

Also, might your unknown
> livebearers have been sailfin mollies? Small ones might look like stumpy
> Gambusia at first glance.

Well i am not an expert but they looked like Mosquitofish to me.If they had
been Sailfin Mollies i would have kept some.

> Yeah, a Savannah trip could be a gas.

Wow! Cool!
Didn't know you might be interested in coming.
I guess we could all spend the night down there.I would anyway.I bet Doug in
Jacksonville would come up too.
Brackish collecting down there would definitely catch a lot of interesting
fresh and saltwater species.
Anybody else interested ?
I guess late summer might be best when juveniles are in shallows in numbers.


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