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<< I haven't been following this thread very closely, but after reading this
I have
to reply. This is BS! Anytime you introduce a new predetor into an
ecosystem you are affecting that system. Just because you "love" Trout that
not make you blind to what they are, predators. They eat other living
things. In a
pure native system, where trout do not naturally occur, everything is in
If you add Trout, something has to change. Either other predators are
displaced or
prey species diminish. You simply can't have 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound
no matter how you cram it in there. Trout are great but that does not mean
you can simply dump them in any stream in the world and claim they will not
anything. They have the same effect on a system as do Bass, Pike or any other

Ty >>

No need to be so harsh, I didn't murder anyone! You are the one doing
the generalizing here, they aren't completely horrible! Countless
conservation groups were formed in Michigan to keep our coldwater fisheries
suitable for trout(namely brown trout in southern michigan), even though the
trout are generally destructive in the long run, and upset the balance. I
never said you could "simply dump them into any stream"! Think before you
type. __dan

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