Re: NANFA-- Belize venture

Mike Bessert (
Wed, 01 May 2002 13:08:40 -0700

> Mike,
> It sounds like you had fun. So did you bring home any goodies? Get lots of
> photos?
Edward -

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring any live goodies home (although I
would like to have tried to get a few Rivulus back). I didn't have any time
to secure a permit before the trip and thought it unwise to take any
risks... being down there with students. I did get a lot of good photos,
though - mainly (common) reef inhabitants such as angelfish, parrotfish,
butterflyfish, nurse sharks, etc. One of the more interesting photos I
would LIKE to have gotten was of bonefish in nocturnal coloration. We saw a
few on a night snorkel from the dock on Wee Wee Caye. A few students wanted
to go the night before, but saw an 8 ft bull shark and (almost) equally
large nurse shark right off the dock - up feeding on the fish carcasses our
guides had tossed in. I would like to have gotten some uw photos of them,
too, but it's probably not a good idea to jump in next to a large bull shark
that's feeding. The next night, though, we did see several morays, the
bonefish I mentioned earlier, and were even able to catch a "slumbering"
scrawled filefish by hand. I'll have to try to post a few photos up on a
page sometime.

Do you have many opportunities to snorkel or dive in Japan?

Mike Bessert
UNL School of Biological Sciences
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