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Fri, 03 May 2002 07:03:39 -0400

Alabama does not have a state endangered species act. However, Alabama state
code (220-2-.92, the last time I checked) prohibits the capture, killing,
and possession of the following species without a scientific collection
permit or written permission from the Commissioner, Department of
Conservation and Natural Resources:

Lake sturgeon, Acipenser fulvescens
Gulf sturgeon, Acipenser oxyrhynchus desotoi
Shovelnose sturgeon, Scaphirynchus platorhynchus
Alabama sturgeon, Scaphirynchus suttkusi
Paddlefish, Polyodon spathula
Blue shiner, Cyprinella caerulea
Spotfin chub, Erimonax monachus
Cahaba shiner, Notropis cahabae
Palezone shiner, Notropis albizonatus
Frecklebelly madtom, Noturus munitus
Alabama cavefish, Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni
Southern cavefish, Typhlichthys subterraneus
Crystal darter, Crystallaria asprella
Slackwater darter, Etheostoma boschungi
Holiday darter, Etheostoma brevirostrum
Vermilion darter, Etheostoma chermocki
Coldwater darter, Etheostoma ditrema
Lollipop darter, Etheostoma neopterum
Watercress darter, Etheostoma nuchale
Tuscumbia darter, Etheostoma tuscumbia
Boulder darter, Etheostoma wapiti
Goldline darter, Percina aurolineata
Snail darter, Percina tanasi
Pygmy sculpin, Cottus paulus
Spring pygmy sunfish, Elassoma alabamae

In addition, the state's Natural Heritage Program maintains lists of nongame
species it considers endangered, threatened, and of special concern. The
following species are listed as either S1 (critically imperiled in the
state) or S2 (imperiled in the state) and should not be possessed, although
there are no penalties for doing so.

Cyprinella callitaenia bluestripe shiner S2
Etheostoma blennius blenny darter S2
Etheostoma chuckwachatte lipstick darter S2
Etheostoma crossopterum fringed darter S1
Fundulus jenkinsi saltmarsh topminnow S1
Heterandria formosa least killifish S1
Ichthyomyzon greeleyi mountain brook lamprey S1
Lampetra appendix American brook lamprey S1
Lucania goodei bluefin killifish S1
Luxilus coccogenis warpaint shiner S2
Moxostoma sp 1 grayfin redhorse S2
Notropis stramineus sand shiner S1
Notropis uranoscopus skygazer shiner S2
Noturus elegans elegant madtom S1
Noturus flavus stonecat S2
Noturus phaeus brown madtom S1
Percina burtoni blotchside darter S1
Percina lenticula freckled darter S2
Percina sp 3 ssp 1 Warrior muscadine darter S1

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