NANFA-- State Fish and Game Regulations-Permits

secher (
Sun, 5 May 2002 20:50:34 -0700

Hi! Folks,

I have always have an interest in North American warm
water aquarium including game fish, SunFish, and catfish.
I will be inquiring to my local Fish and Wildlife Department
here in Oregon this coming week about applicable regula-
tions and permits. My interest is primarily as a hobby, but
like all of us if we are successful in breeding a few fish that
we can sell to other hobbyists, why not pick up a few bucks
to cover our expenses. I'm not at all interested in mass bre-
eding of American sport fish for aquarium's. I am interested
in some of the restrictive State state regulations that you
guys might have.

I would like to purchase breeding stock of some of the
beautiful Longear SunFish from the midwest into Oregon,
there may be a problem there... but I don't know. My
question to the list is are there specific questions I need
to ask my Fishing Game Department about particular
permits, Licensings or Fees.

I searched the archives and could not find this question
being discussed other than some interesting posts
about importing fish into Australia.

Talk to you later, Howard ~&~
Kindly overlook contextual errors, I use speech recognition software.

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