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Arlus F (
Tue, 07 May 2002 05:27:58 -0700

Native grasses are more durable in their particular area. I wouldn't be
surprised if W. was interested in learning more about the environment,
in particular ways he can improve his own personal ranch land in
positive ways. Maybe he would like to do something good, most people
would if they had the chance and didn't succumb to being turned off. It
is aligned with worthwhile spiritual effort, an endeavor that yields
worldly enrichment and bring us closer to heavenly virtue by the same
token. It is the right thing to do, more people ought to get into
planting trees, shrubs and other plants that are native to their area
and stop trying to call them noxious weeds but rather valued landscaping
that carries a local, state and federal tax deduction. We have to start
with the basics and work up to supporting top consumers in an ecosystem.
For instance, some bugs that live in native grasses fall into the water
and wind up as fish food.

It is possible to increase the hydration zone extending from oceans into
the interior, although this would impact desert organisms. Then again,
there is not much living in the deep Sahara, although there once was and
I don't doubt we humans have had a role in some part of the change.
Maybe that's the way we like it, but is not possible to have a worldwide
concrete jungle in conjunction with a stabilized climate. Anyone who
wants to live on Mars, I'm going to start saving for your one way voyage
there. Everything we do has a meaning and an ultimate result. Why admire
ourselves as great manipulators of our surroundings and then deny
culpability when we devise an adverse effect? We have rather large
brains, let's use them and not make so many excuses. We use everything
else, it is not a great stretch of the imagination... or is that exactly
what we need to unkink the cogs?

Perhaps our great requirements (maintaining brain tissue) results in
responsibility to think about those resources in appreciation rather
than exploitation. One day we will either understand the value of
everything that can be observed or enjoy these other things without
considering value... value being intrinsic, existence equating beauty
and joy in the recognition.

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> Subject: NANFA-- native grasses on Bush ranch
> Why did President Bush plant native grasses on his ranch?
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