NANFA-- least darters spawning

R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 8 May 2002 11:50:36 -0500

Here is another neat little fish that is spawning in my gar pond ( now a
river). Details:

In a shallow avearage depth of 8 inch area near current over pond weed and
other different various weeds growing in sand bottomed area. Near noon when
the sun is high several males will pop up out of the weeds and hover around
like a helicopter, seemingly to defend terrirtories. This is fun to watch
in itself. This acitvity attracts females. They will usually come in from
deeper water ( an 18 inch deep channel is along side this area) or sometimes
from rocky caves along the shore ( this is stacked sand stone slabs to
replicate a bluff side) and land on a high piece of plant. They will pick
one of the males that just did its "arial" display and get near him. When he
sees this, he will "chase" her down into the weed growth. She appears
shortly after scurrying away, and this male will pop up just after that and
start in the display and and territory defense mode again. This goes on as
long as the sun is out and high in the sky. On cloudy days, or nearer to
dusk or dawn they are not seen doing these things.

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