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Crail, Todd (
Wed, 8 May 2002 13:34:36 -0400

Of the few folks that I know who are entreprenurial types (either inside
a corporate schema or on their own) and wealthy, I've noticed one thing
about them, and I think it has a lot to do with their financial success.
They have *very* defined areas of their lives, and don't allow certain
areas to cross over into the others. Financial matters and politics may
be tied together by some loose strings, however, leisure time activities
such as home life, religion, and hobby will never have anything to do
with their money and politics. Golf is probably the only leiusre arena
where that even potentially crosses over... but pump a couple beers into
that, and everything slides toward leisure again :)

The individuals are complete zealots about their leisure time as well.
They don't want to think, they don't want to work, they just want to
relax... but they want it all too. Just the same, they're very logical
people and can quickly recognize what makes living for themselves and
everyone easier (at least when they're being leisurely).

I've found this to be a very good "in" for my native propoganda because
they can garden for one or two weekends with native plants specific to
their region and then just enjoy it from there out (no watering etc).
Heck, the next season you should see them come excited "They seeded all
over! I don't have to do anything but mulch!" And then that slides
into Birding as well. I don't know many people who really get excited
to see Starlings and House Sparrows. But by giving them a couple hints
about how to feed for the native birds specifically... Yeah. I love
having that "canary looking bird" conversation (American Goldfinch) or
"I had some hummingbirds out in my garden. The kids love it!". Of
course, this kind of conversation quickly ends once everyone has their
coffee refilled and you step out of the break room... But it's nice to
see it happen once and awhile.

I've yet to figure out how to get this on in and over to native fish
directly... But on an indirect path, water all runs from higher
ground... So if that's all in check, the stream quality follows right

I can't imagine any billionaire is any different then the individuals
I've come in contact with besides a few "zeros" on their balance sheets.
They are still human, even if we don't agree with some of their "life
parts"... But that might be the thing to understand... They see it all
as "parts".

Maybe those of us in dissention should too, and work with it.

My 2 cents.
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From: Harry Knaub
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Subject: Re: NANFA-- native grasses on Bush ranch

I can't quote any specific sources, I'm just relaying what I
hear in the news,
many times made as offhand remarks by reporters. Recently, a
report on Bush
waiting for the Saudi prince to show up at the ranch made
mention of Bush standing
on his lawn of native grasses. How accurate this was, I don't
know, but there have
been other things mentioned such as collecting rainwater from
the roofs for
watering plants. Not that this makes anyone an environmentalist,
but I just find
it somewhat contradictory to be a conservationist at home and
yet tow the
Republican party line in the White House. Of course, this all
pretty much
dependent upon my memory, as poor as that is sometimes. But
since I'm not a big
fan of George W. Bush, I wouldn't just make up things that are,
in my opinion,

Harry Knaub

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