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Crail, Todd (
Wed, 8 May 2002 14:43:28 -0400

Hey Moon,

I travel thru life with the same predisposition as yourself... And it is
*very* frustrating and sometimes emotionally exhausting in a lot of our
current culture, and appreciate your honest words about it. But I've
come to the conclusion that I'm not going to let any of that get in the
way of making shameless plugs for nature with all the "squares". :)

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Good point Todd, I have noticed the same thing. I am exactly the
opposite. My
life is just one part, I am the same person no matter what I am
doing. I have
also noticed that being that way has kept me from various
advancements in my
life. It is very difficult for me to associate with people who
do things that
are contrary to what I think are fair and just. I do have the
presence of
mind to realize that everyone doesn't have to conform to what I
think is
right and wrong. But I have also noticed that the people who
partition their
lives are a lot less forgiving of behavior they disagree with
unless they can
use it to their advantage. From my point of view living like
that is
cowardly. I freely stand up for what I believe in, if my word
view offends
someone enough that they don't want anything to do with me
that's fine but I
won't pretend to like someone I really don't just to gain favor.
As for the
people who's world view I cannot accept but I cannot keep from
with (family, friends of friends, coworkers) I simply try to
limit my contact
as much as possible. Some might call me a misanthrope but no
friend has
called for help from me and not received it nor has any total
stranger asked
for help and not received it. Even the people who's idea's I do
not care for
will get help if needed (except maybe Jessie Helms) Hell, I
might even help
"W" if he was broke down on the side of the road!


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