RE: NANFA-- Gloom, Dispair & Agony on me

Jay DeLong (
Thu, 9 May 2002 09:12:53 -0700

> This leads back to a major problem about Lomborg--he's an economist,
> not a scientist. He's working an ideological angle very explicitly
> so that it's both convenient and necessary to be very selective
> about what "facts" are cited.

Curiously enough, that's what's happening in another book I'm reading now.
It's called Broken Trust, Broken Land: Freeing Ourselves from the War over
the Environment, by Robert G. Lee. Lee is a professor at the University of
Washington, where he specializes in the "sociology of natural resources".
In his preface, he says: "This book is a search for truths...I have not
burdoned the reader with...technical details."

The content is not backed up with technical details. He quotes many
passages and phrases without citing their sources, presumably to achieve the
impression of credibility or accuracy or conspiracy or whatever.
Environmentalists are mind-twisters who don't care about personal freedoms,
and they've succumbed to a mass madness (I guess this is true because he's a
sociologist after all and should know these things). The reason for wanting
to protect old growth forests?-- Because people need sacred places and to be
able to escape reality there, but if people would only place a greater value
on religion, economics and other human institutions, we'd have focal points
from which to make better decisions regarding the environment (including
logging the remaining old growth forest).

I guess he writes the way he does in order to hit a nerve with a certain
readership. Popularity and truth without substance are a way of life here
in the US. Look how popular that con artist on cable is who tells people he
communicates with their dead loved ones.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA
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