NANFA-- Possible NE Tennessee Trip

Bob Culler (
Thu, 09 May 2002 23:22:23 -0500

At 04:35 PM 5/7/02 -0400, Casper wrote:

>Ranger Bob has a excellent opportunity to share his region. A tour of his
>aquatic facility at the Kingsport city park, staying in an old house next
>to a creek and exploring his part of NE Tennessee. It sounds really great
>Bob! Get a plan and a date... a bunch of us are hankering to visit!

Casper and all,

Unfortunately, I think all my weekends are booked through at least the end
of June. July is pretty dang hot. August is the 2002 NANFA National
Meeting. I'm willing to shoot for sometime in July if anybody is
interested. Should be good snorkeling (low, warm water). Otherwise, I'm
leaning toward September. Y'all let me know offlist.

The park Casper mentioned is Bays Mountain Park, where I am a ranger. We
have a fairly new freshwater exhibit, amongst many other things.

As for collecting, most of mine is actually in southwest VA, including
Possum Cr. and Big Moccasin Cr. (tribs of N. Fork Holston River), and
Copper Cr. and Clinch River. These are the headwaters of the Tennessee
Valley, so there are quite a few interesting fish to see.

I have 2 available lodging options, both free. The cabin on Possum Cr. has
a nice outhouse (good ventilation), running water (in the creek outside the
front door), electricity (if we bring a half-mile extension cord), and
comfortable beds (if you think a wood floor is comfortable). Space there is
kinda limited, maybe 6-8 people if everybody takes a dip in the creek
before bed (to reduce BO).

The second option is we could spend the night at the park in one of the
buildings with indoor plumbing (even a shower) and electricity.

Let me know which month you might prefer, July or September, and I will set
a date. If anybody is visiting the Kingsport area, drop me a line. I'll
give you the nickel tour of the Park, and maybe take you to some of my
secret fishing spots.

Ranger Bob
Kingsport, TN

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We're all part of a great big stew and someday you'll discover
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