NANFA-- Algae attack

geoff and julie kimber (
Tue, 14 May 2002 20:57:50 -0400

I am currently having an attack of 2 different kinds in two different tanks.

In one tank that is heavily planted, I am having an abundance of hair algae.
This is really concerning because I like the plants and I usually lose the
battle with hair algae. I would like to try American flag fish, but none of
my local fish stores have any right now. Well, that's not completely true.
Petsmart had one, but it shipped as a contaminant and the wage slaves at the
store couldn't seem to understand that it was not a blue scaled zeedo and it
wasn't worth $6.

The other tank is growing a nice carpet of cyanobacter. I vacuumed up most
of it, but I know from past experiencethat it will be back. In the past, I
have used ramshorn snails (the little guys with no no stripes) to eat this
stuff with great success. I am just a bit short on ramshorns right now. I
*could* use erythromycin to kill it, but I'd rather use snails.

So here's the begging-

If anyone has access to american flag fish or ramshorn snails I would really
appreciate an email off list. Even if you could buy them from your local
fish store I'd be willing to pay for the fish and shipping (depending on
price). Otherwise, I would be interested in talking a trade.

I'm sorry if I irritated anyone on the list by soliciting a trade not in the
trading post.

Geoff Kimber
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