RE: NANFA-- backyard fun...

Crail, Todd (
Mon, 20 May 2002 13:46:56 -0400

Thanks for your quick responses Ray and Al. I hadn't thought of
sticklebacks. That would be sooo cool. I don't know if this was the
historic range of them, I know they appear a tiny bit further north -
where we're having the convention this year. I'll have to research. But
I've never seen one come up in my net, however, I'm usually in larger
streams around here. As well, all the wetlands are preserves because
we've not been good stewards of them here in Ohio, and I'm not the type
to sneak in and even give the perception that I'm doing nature wrong.
So I've not had the opportunity to poke around out there (any scientific
trip invitations to be an interested "viewer" are welcome however :)

I think you're right about the cooling effect of the evap. The first
marshland that I'll be working with will be partially shaded by a
girdled ash tree so it may not have to compete with direct direct
sunlight (yes, I'm making my first foray from tree-hugger to tree-killa'

If I plan it correctly, there will be plenty of shade on the water below
the plants. I'm thinking I'll build a back end to it that's saturated
(more mesic than wet) and pinned in with some flagstone, and have the
front portion more of a relecting pool/pickeral weed/lily type habitat.
It will be interesting to see how much of a role the tannins will play
in seeing what's in there. If so, I'll just grab a net and give a
visitor an upclose visit they'd not have unless they were willing to go
out and get wet :)

Any other suggestions are welcome. I think this has now veered onto the
route "I'll actually spend some cash on this" instead of just buying a
4mil painting tarp at KMart to keep the ground more moist than normal.
My wife is gonna love you all again heeheehee :)

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