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Edward Venn (
Tue, 21 May 2002 09:52:40 +0000


Political suicide aside, whales are not the most tasty animals to eat. The
meat is tough and rather rubbery, there is a lot of oil in it as well. Add
to that, that the amount of PCB's and Dioxins in the meat are enough to
cause major genetic damage...Personally, I say let the Japanese eat all the
Minke whale they want. This would free up resources for the slower
breeding/growing whales such as the Rights, Blues and Sperm whales. This may
even allow the Grey and Humpback whales to reestablish populations in the
Ogasawara Islands. On the other hand of this would be a plus, enough
Japanese would come down with pollution related diseases to cause another
group of stupid bureaucrats to go out and commit suicide to atone for their

>Although I realize that mentioning eating whale is political suicide I
>thought that whale meat looked great. Like huge eye of the round from beef.
>once saw a huge piece of whale meat being cut into steaks. It was the
>piece of boneless meat I had ever seen. A nice tender very rare chunk of
>is my favorite food. How do they cook their whale? Grill it over and open
>flame like we do steaks? I have seen much food which started out very
>palatable but ended up as dried, smoked, or otherwise ruined due to
>tastes I do not share. But then hunting an animal to extinction is a
>ideal I do not share as well. Doing so seems wasteful at least, even
>aside the matter of the intelligence of a whale. (are cows intelligent?)

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