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Fri, 2 May 2003 12:47:32 -0700 (PDT)

--- Todd Crail <> wrote:
> My appologies for the <ahem> less than professional
> picture that was there,
> if you surfed it yesterday.
> I guess this officially releases the page. Have at
> it all you breeder
> types! Let me know if you experience any trouble
> with it and I can make
> updates.
Nice work Todd! I am sure there would be some
discussion of point values for some of the species.
EG fish like Fundulus catenatus and stellifer are a
lot harder than egg laying Goodeids and are a lot
harder than many of the other fundulus species.
Fundulus majalis also seems to be harder than the
average fundulus, I have three so I guess I may find

Last year, before I got sick I noticed some
interesting things with the Cyprinodon variegatus I
had. A single pair would easily lay more than 100
eggs in a spawning session and almost all of them
would develop and hatch. Spawning lasted around three
days and was tied in with the lunar cycle. Full moon
= eggs, the rest of the time an occasional egg. I was
hoping to see if this behavior modified over time and
generations and they would lay eggs without the
benefit of a full moon. I have new stock so thats one
of the things I will find out, as I already have eggs.


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