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Mysteryman (
Sun, 04 May 2003 09:03:46 -0700

I like the Delorme maps that you can get at Walmart. They're not as good
as US Army maps, but they're very nice nonetheless. You can find every
little creek & spring in the state. They don't have the individual
buildings on them like the Army maps, but they're good enough for
fishhunting, and a lot easier to get. I suppose they'd go very well with
a Delorme GPS, since the maps have GPS coordinates on them!

WHOA! I just had an Idea!
What if we had a website on which all of these Delorme maps were scanned
and somewhat searchable. I suppose PDF format would have to do if we
couldn't think of anything better. Then we tell each other EXACTLY where
the various good spots for collecting are, and show it on a map. For
example, let's say I knew the best little pond in the world for catching
the rare & elusive Humptailed Flatwhacker. I could make a post about my
trip to catch Flatwhackers, and then say exactly where they were, for
example, "Georgia map, page 37, 8 miles southeast of Newnan, in the
Rhinehardt community, county road 16, 3rd pond on left past second
Little Bear Creek tributary. GPS coordinates ...Blah blah blah. "
Oh, sure, I could just SAY all of that, but by being able to look it up
on the mapsite, you guys could more easily see which of the various
creeks you drove over would be the second tributary to Little Bear
Creek, and therefore get the correct pond every time.
Eventually we could add little markers to the maps, showing various
landmark buildings and such, and the various collecting sites could be
marked on the map, along with what species can be found at that site.
Ideally, that would be searchable, so eventually anyone looking for
Tallapoosa Shiners coulld do a search for "Tallapoosa Shiner" and find a
map which shows several exact collection sites.

Yeah, that would be a worthy project. A massive one, but a worthy one.
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