Re: NANFA-- My Flagfins are Spawning, BAP?

Christopher Scharpf (
Sun, 04 May 2003 17:41:57 -0400

> As far as spawning flagfins, Bob Muller has done so. His story on it
> is in the Fall 2002 American Currents.

In addition to Bob Muller, Brett Albanese (2000) also reports on the captive
spawning of P. signipinnis. He placed 2-4 adults of unknown sex into each of
four 10-gallon aquaria containing water from the Mississippi stream where
they were caught, sand-gravel substrate, and a few plants. The shiners were
fed stream invertebrates, frozen bloodworms, and flake food. Imitating
seasonal changes in stream conditions, the temperature was gradually raised
from 17C to 22C (63F to 72F) over the course of a month. Lights were on for
10 hours a day. Prespawning behavior consisted of the male chasing the
female and nudging his head against her abdomen, usually near the vent. The
female responded by fleeing. Sometimes the male quivered when he got close
to his potential mate, shuddering his body from side to side while swimming.
Spawning always occurred along one of the sides or in the corner of the
aquarium. During spawning, the male wrapped his caudal fin around the
female9s body near her anal fin. Eggs were released all at once and quickly
sank. Several times both parents consumed almost all of the eggs before they
hit the bottom. Pairs produced multiple clutches, with a minimum of four
days between spawnings.

Albanese, B. 2000. Reproductive behavior and spawning microhabitat of the
flagfin shiner Pteronotropis signipinnis. American Midland Naturalist 143
(1): 84-93.

Chris Scharpf
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