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Tue, 6 May 2003 16:28:29 EDT

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> Have you ever had that one tank that for some reason it seemed that
> anything you put it in would grow at a phenomenal pace?

Kind of. I had a ten gallon aquarium that I had planted fairly heavily with
anacharis & had a couple of sunken pieces of wood and a small worm-holed
piece of floating wood. All of which is conducive to growing dwarf crayfish.
I had this particular aquarium on a dresser next to a south facing window
that got a fair amount of winter sunshine. Anyhow, that aquarium was one of
the best little dwarf crayfish generators I've ever had. Fact is, I got more
crayfish out of that little 10 gallon aquarium that winter than I've ever
gotten out of any of my 55 gallon tanks. When I cleaned that tank out that
spring I had 120 some dwarf crayfish with all age groups represented. I
haven't been able to duplicate that feat since. I don't see it as being the
aquarium as much as I see it being the result of having the right food &
other micro-environmental factors just right for that particular species
along with the absence of predators or parasites.

Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho
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