Re: NANFA-- Dollar Sunfishes and other Southern Species

Mysteryman (
Wed, 07 May 2003 21:19:48 -0700

> Maybe someday I'll get into the Bluenose Shiner group. I understand they
> are nest associates with Longear Sunfish- I wonder if Dollar Sunfishes
> would be an acceptable substitute?

Bluenoses are my next project, and then maybe Tallapoosa Shiners.
I read something somewhere lately where Pumpkinseeds were used with
success, but I can't remember who wrote it or where it was online.
My wild guess is that since Pumkinseeds aren't the "correct" species
either, then dollars should probably work too.
I've also read that they've been tank bred without any sunfish at all,
and I hope that's true. The adults should be fully ripe right now, so if
I hurry I should have the best possible chance for success. The best
spot in the state for them is only 130 miles away, and I got permission
to collect them there, so if the weather will cooperate I should be in
business soon, assuming some other problems currently vexing me don't
stop me altogether.
My Flagfin fry are doing well, and are already eating finely powdered
flake food, so I like the odds of success with any possible welaka fry.
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