NANFA-- Outragous fish keeping advice
Sun, 11 May 2003 13:49:45 EDT

I got myself into a little hot water on the list called uniaquaria the other
day. I have been reading that list for several weeks and I kept seeing a lot
of people trying to blame their lack of success in keeping fish on nearly
everything but the obvious. finally a person wrote in about their fish dying
for no reason. Another person wrote in to help by asking him I the drift wood
he had added to his aquarium was collected anywhere hear a nuclear power
plant. If so, they concluded, then the wood had probably picked enough
radioactivity to kill his fish. I lost it! I'm afraid I flamed them pretty
bad. Of course the person who suggested the radioactivity just happened to
sell safe drift wood. I see a tendency more and more for people to look for
any reason but their own poor fish husbandry skills to blame fish deaths on.
Toxic waste on drift wood was another response. Fish are so tough and live
and reproduce under some of the worst conditions it defies reason to assume
you would be likely to pick up a stick that was poisonous enough to kill your
fish over night. Yes, I know it's possible (aside from radiation) for this
to happen but if your fish have lived with the drift wood for several weeks
and then suddenly die I would think that looking for a less spectacular
reason would make more sense. I would also think that a toxic waste dump
wouldn't be a place where you would normally pick up drift wood. The person
is convinced that toxic waste is dumped willy nilly everywhere and as a
result anything added to the tank from the natural world will kill fish. I'm
not sure what world the fish come from but it's obvious that fish need such a
perfect environment to survive they must come from another planet.


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