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Up here in New Hampshire, USA, we had a really rough winter. I remember
having to drive up north for about 2 hours in an ice storm. ALL the cars I
saw that were turned over, laying on their sides, or generally off the side
of the road, were SUV's! A lady even passed me doing about 75 in the ice in
an SUV while talking on her CELL PHONE! She even had a kid in a carseat with
her. Made me sick.


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The last time I made the trip from Cincinnati to
Chicago was in January and though the temperature was
about 20 F there was a light mist falling north of
Lafayette. It was one of those knucklebusting times
where your blood drains out of your hands from
overgripping the steering wheel because you knew one
mistake and you were off the road or into another car.
Because of all the accidents traffic slowed to a
crawl. I saw suv after suv accident, many of them had
rolled thir vehicles, lots of those drivers were
oblivious to what the road conditions were like and
obviously didnt understand much about the relationship
between the center of gravity and rolling your
vehicle. I also saw a few jackknifed semis, but almost
no pickups or regular cars. I made it to Chicago
about two hours later and picked my chiller aquarium
and then drove back home that night....what a long day
that was, and it made a believer of me that in the
wrong hands, suvs are dangerous.


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